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BF Denali : 2004 Warmblood colt by Donnermeyer

Email from Bridget Martell, Denali's new mom:

So, Denali has been back in the saddle, so to speak, for almost two weeks and is doing wonderfully. He is truly the horse I have been waiting for my whole life. One of the young trainers rode him yesterday and said that he was nicer than the fancy Grand Prixe horse living at a show barn up the street! I thought that was a pretty cool compliment.

He already recognizes his newest "Mom" and comes right up to me in the pasture. He has the most excellent ground manners of any horse I have met (a true credit to your handling and training) and loves all the attention he gets at the barn. Everyone loves Denali and it is a show everytime I have a lesson on him. Everyone lines up to watch us work and you hear murmurs of "ohhs and ahhs" as he goes by. You have bred a truly gorgeous animal who has these suspended lofty gaits yet the ability to really cover ground. We are hoping to show him to 3'9" Hunter and I suspect that height will be easy for him.

He has adjusted amazingly well. There have been many "firsts" for him including riding in an indoor for the first time, riding with much ambient activity around him, riding with many other horses moving around him. He handles all of it with aplomb and intelligence. If he is unsure, he stops, snorts and figures it out. All you have to do is talk to him………….you were right, he LOVES to be talked to.

The first couple of times in the ring when we started "asking" him to be on task he was quite funny. At first he was like, "hey, wait a minute… want me to do what? I am not sure I want to." He would then stomp his feet like a child. We would ask again and he would then say, "Ok, I guess I will." In two short weeks, he has remembered what self carriage is and how to move around your leg and adjust his stride with the asking. He is a joy to ride and train. This is my third time bringing up a relatively inexperienced horse and he is by far the easiest to train. I can't wait to see what he will become. We expect great things from him.

…and now hopefully, we will get to see you again soon as I hope we can convince you to bring up the next baby and stay with us in our home.

Be well and stay in touch!

Pepperdyne: 2008 Warmblood colt by Donnermeyer

Part of an email, from Deb Warner, who bred her Thoroughbred mare to Donnermeyer:

...I do want to thank you for my Pepper. Donnermeyer must be a
wonderful guy. I thought my stallion (now a gelding as of March 13, 2009) had the best temperment and passed that on to his foals, but Pepper is exceptionally sweet and so curious. He already knows his lateral and vertical flexion from the ground, trailer loads himself, hands me his feet. He is such a pleasure to work with and he is still a stud colt!...

DonnerMight "Ike": 2008 Warmblood colt by Donnermeyer

email from Cambria Kelly, who bred her Percheron/Quarter Horse mare to Donnermeyer:

Words cannot express how thankful I am that I found you and Donnermeyer. Choosing to breed any mare comes with many questions and lots of uncertainty, but Tina, my Quarter Horse/Percheron cross was not just "anymare" and to say I had anxiety about the whole thing, would be the understatement of the year! After I had made my decision to breed, I had to find a stallion which would compliment my mare nicely and meet my
breeding goals. I aimed to breed my ideal sport horse; this was not a horse with international gaits and a stellar pedigree, rather a horse that was willing, conformationally sound, athletic and most importantly possessed true CHARACTER (something I feel is not valued nearly as much it should be in the sport horse industry). Because Tina possesses a remarkable disposition, is rather athletic for her stocky build and above all has a heart of gold, I really wanted to find a stallion which would compliment her finest qualities and possibly improve her less than perfect
qualities. After searching for months and looking at numerous stallions, I decided to go visit a few in person to insure the stallions possessed the desirable traits I was in search of. Donnermeyer had them all: character, stunning good looks, lofty gaits and pedigree...what more could I ask for?! What most impressed me about Donnermeyer was not his fabulous
bloodlines or how handsome he was, but his truly wonderful temperment. He was such a gentleman throughout my visit and truly, one would not know he was a stallion without looking. After meeting Donnermeyer, I was hooked!

As lucky as I was to find Donnermeyer, I think Donnermeyer was equally lucky to find a human as caring, kind and knowledgeable as you! Once my decision was made to breed Tina, you instantly began easing my mind by answering my ridiculous number of questions, concerns and walking me
through every step of the breeding and foaling process. Your top-notch communication, married with your breeding expertise and your down-to-earth delivery made you an absolute pleasure to deal with. Your professionalism and great follow-up truly exceeded my expectations. And the results speak for themselves; Tina is now the mother of a beautifully put-together, well
mannered (if not comical), silver dapple, sport horse colt. I couldn't be more pleased. Ike is my dream come true and though he'll be busy growing over the next few years, I'll be patient. I know he'll be worth the wait! Thanks for everything Sharon, I will continue to be a walking adverstisement for you, Donnermeyer and Brookstone Farms!
Cambria Kelly
Willow Hill Farm, LLC

Donnerheart: 2008 Warmblood colt by Donnermeyer

email from Wes Owens & family, who bred their Rockie Mountain mare to Donnermeyer:

I just wanted to let you know how pleased with are with Donnerheart and really the whole breeding experience with both you and Donnermeyer. We really were not sure what to expect since this particular breeding: Rocky Mountain Mare x Swedish Warmblood has probably never been done before. Ideally we were looking for a horse for Madison, my 10 year old daughter to grow up with, help train, and to eventually event and since we wanted a youngster that a child could safely work with, it was very important to us that the stallion be of impeccable temperament. Naturally too, we did not wish to sacrifice anything regarding conformation, movement, or color either :) After an exhaustive search (and I mean really extensive - all possible breeds, all possible stallions, all possible countries) our trainer and I both agreed that Donnermeyer had all the attributes we were looking for, and also the most potential for matching well with my mare. This was kind of amazing since we had agreed to look at the stallions separately and not compare notes until we had each made a list of the most likely candidates. Some things I guess are just destined to be.

I am well aware that the best laid plans rarely work out as intended - especially in the horse business, but even though Donnerheart is only just now a month old, we couldn't be more pleased with the way things have worked out so far. Not only did you do a fantastic job of organizing a collection on a very last minute basis, but the result of all this work and waiting is a foal who is just breathtaking to all who come to see him. Donnerheart and his mother are stabled at a very large boarding facility which is visited by large numbers of riders and horsepeople and it is just incredible the amount of positive feedback we have been getting on Donnerheart. Even the vets and experienced sport and dressage horse breeders who have come to see him have been astonished with his conformation, personality, and movement so far. Knowing all the of the things which could have gone wrong along the way and knowing that we would have loved any healthy foal from our wonderful mare, we are just that much happier having such a wonderful experience formulating the breeding, working with you to make it happen, and then having the whole family able to enjoy a very special foal - so thank you very much Sharon once again for making all this possible :))

Best Regards,
Wes, Becky, Madison and Freddy

Debonair "Danny": 2005 Warmblood colt by Donnermeyer


email from Hope Gerdes, who bred her TB mare to Donnermeyer:

I have to brag just a bit on this wonderful not so little boy I have. He is the prettiest horse in the barn! I have had him at the trainer’s place since January and I have been riding him since March. Thank goodness for an indoor arena as we have been socked in with mud due to all the rain we have been getting.

Anyway, he is now just about 100 days under saddle and I am having the time of my life. I promise when it dries up and the sun comes out I’ll get some pictures. He is magnificent. He just has the perfect aptitude for dressage already understanding bending. His trot is phenomenal, everyone at the barn when they see him trot their jaws just drop. He is very forward. We just started cantering this week and it is HUGE. He has so much push from the rear he about unseated me the first time he leapt into the canter. Very impressive to watch from the ground.

My favorite thing about him besides his sweet personality is his little tippy ears. He is so cute. I wish I had about 10 of them because now everyone in the barn wants him, and he’s not for sale. I finally have my DREAM horse. I am so glad I met you and Donnermeyer. I now have the best horse I have ever owned in my life.

I am going to take him to a dressage show in August when he is under saddle a bit longer. I’ll send his scores and comments from the judge when I get them. I am so excited. I believe in bringing the babies along slowly so I am not going to push him too hard this year, just consistent riding.

I’ve had several knowledgeable people look at him because I know I am biased and they have all confirmed that he does have the movement for FEI level. He is just the coolest horse. My vet told me he will probably finish out about 17 hands. He just turned three on Wednesday and he is 16.2 at the hip right now. He just had another growth spurt, his wither is catching up very quickly. Even though he is a little downhill right now you’d never know it when you ride him.

Thanks for helping me breed the neatest horse.
Hope (4/11/08)


Fein China : '04 Swedish Warmblood filly by Feiner Stern


email from Sherry & Mike Walter, Fein China & Dublin's new parents:

We recently purchased two horses from Sharon, Fein China and Dublin. Both horses have exceptional personalities, are extremely kind hearted, with great conformation and movement. We truly believe these are the two best horses we have ever owned. We originally planned to look at one horse, but felt that both horses had equal potential, and quality that you often don't see in one visit. Both of these " girls" have such a wonderful character and seem very confident. I believe Sharon has done a wonderful job imprinting these young horses from birth. The love, expertise, and daily care and handling she provides to all her horses makes them exceptional and different from any breeder I have met. Sharon was easy to work with, and will always be a part of our family. We felt very luck to have met her and have the opportunity to purchase Fein China and Dublin.

Sherry , Mike, Fein China and Dublin.
Farland Farms

Dublin: 2005 Warmblood filly by Donnermeyer

Steel Bastion: 2003 Warmblood colt by Donnermeyer

email from Jayne Schneiderhan,

who bred her TB mare to Donnermeyer:

Here is a recent pic of Bastion...he has really turned out beautifully.  He is still a little croup high but has proven to be a wonderful youngster.  He has started u/s and is pretty uncomplicated and unflappable.  He is built more like a hunter/eventer, but has good gaits and a temperament to die for.

Bastion is very tall...he stands over 16.2 right now, his croup is 16.3+ and I expect he will finish about 17h, but as you say, is very modern and has a really, really good shoulder, head, and neck connection.  He is long in the back (flexible), maybe a little too long, but he has very good bone and is very elegant.  Plus he is fun to ride...a little obstinate sometime, but overall I really like his attitude....and....he doesn't spook.:)  Donnermeyer is a good sire and really crosses well with the TBs. (1/26/06)

Savignon: '02 Swedish Warmblood filly by Feiner Stern

email from Stephanie Leahey, Savignon's new mom:

I wanted to let you know that Savy is doing GREAT!!!!

I am so absolutely excited about her you cannot even
imagine! She has gained all her weight back
(lost from trailer ride to CO) and she
is more beautiful than I could have ever hoped for.
GOD definitely answered my prayers. She is growing a
whole bunch as well!

Terry (Natural Horseman trainer) loves her and told me today, "Steph, you did a
great job on picking this horse. She has 3 great
gaits and she is very smart with a good mind and
heart. You did good Steph." I was so proud that I
almost cried! :)

Anyway, she was put to work last week and is all ready
lunging in a halter with a surcingle on. She
questions but never gets nasty or disobedient. She
loves Terry and Val (his assistant) and Terry says
that he might be getting on her in a week or so and
then will put me on her. He says that he cannot wait
to see what that feels like to ride a horse that moves
like her! :)

Dasani: 2003 Warmblood filly by Donnermeyer

email from Stacy Taylor, Dasani's new mom:

...It was then I realized how extraordinary her temperament must be to walk off a trailer and be content to switch pasture buddies three nights in a row. She has since been returned to pasture with the paint gelding, and gets loads of enjoyment out of coercing him to run and play like a yearly does.

She continues to be that big, sweet, cuddly stuffed animal (although growing by the minute). I love to clean her stall with her there so she can nuzzle me and sniff my neck and hair. I have yet to see her show any signs of unwillingness, and her curiosity makes training easy and enjoyable...

Click here for the rest of her story

Dante: 2003 Warmblood colt by Donnermeyer

It was a pleasure to buy a horse from Sharon and Don Enderlein. I felt very comfortable dealing with Sharon and would have considered to buy Dante just from the DVD Demo sent to us. We visited her farm and Sharon's hospitality was outstanding. Because we flew in from Massachusetts Sharon spent almost a full day with my husband and I showing us the babies and demonstrating Donnermeyer. It was a great experience seeing Donnermeyer in action.

Our “Dante” arrived May 28th and he became a member of the family right away. He has the sweetest and most outstanding personality I have ever seen in a horse. Donnermeyer for sure passes on beautiful minds!

During the stage of buying and until final delivery of Dante, Sharon was always open for questions. She assisted us in everything. No question was
too much.

I will stay in contact with Sharon and keep her posted on Dante's development. I am so glad that I found a horse like Dante and I am looking
forward to his steps into the future.

Thanks Sharon for breeding such an exceptional horse! I wish Brookstone Farms all the best,
thanks again. Andrea Spohr

Akkurat: '99 Swedish Warmblood gelding by Absolut

Dear Sharon, I wanted to thank you for doing such a beautiful job of
bringing up Akkurat! For spending the first four years of his young life as a stallion he is exquisitely well-mannered. He has settled right in and is now the quietest horse here. So smart! So willing! Dare I say "so easy!"? What a treasure. He is just what I had hoped for...a lifetime companion. You have been a delight to buy a horse from. I still tell people that you said "If he were a person he would wear a bowtie". That's our boy! Thanks for creating this lovely horse. They don't all get such a fortunate start.
Sincerely, Judy Heuton

Daphne: 2001 Warmblood filly by Donnermeyer

Hey Sharon! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a safe trip home. I really wanted to thank you for everything you've done for me throughout the whole process of purchasing Daphne. You've been extrordinarily generous, helpful, and patient in all of our many interactions with each other, and that was a major deciding factor for me in buying Daphne. Kind, decent, and good horse people tend to raise kind, decent, and good horses. I really do believe this and I've had enough experience with watching and being in sales videos as well as dealing with horse sales to know what I'm looking at. You portrayed her very honestly and I felt very comfortable buying her without having seen her in person.
And in fact, she is just as I expected, (except perhaps with an even better personality!) a beautiful, athletic young horse with a bright future ahead of her. Though I've only had her for a week, it's already been a joy to own her and I've found that she has a particular affinity for sprinklers! While watering the pasture, she decided to stand over the sprinkler and enjoy a bit of a bath in the warm 70 degree weather we had last week. And of course, after having gotten herself thoroughly soaked, she completely did in my groom job by rolling! Thanks again Sharon, and I'll keep in touch!
Becky Huebner

Anna: 2000 Thoroughbred mare


Just wanted to let you know Acts Shy "Anna" is doing great! She is such a kind and loving mare. It was refreshing after 37 years in the horse business to find someone as honest as you were with me. It brings my faith in the horse business back. You were right on target with Anna's personality. She is truly an unusual TB with her laid back attitude. I feel I got the better deal when we purchased her from you. I hate to tell you but she's worth a lot more than you sold her for. Please know I have no intentions of ever selling such a wonderful mare. I really do appreciate your hospitality and kindness. We are very excited about the prospect of getting a first class baby out of her
by your lovely stallion Donnemeyer. Since both he and Anna have such great minds I can't help but think the foal will be spectacular. Every thing is going smooth with the pregnancy. I'll keep you posted. Thanks again for everything!
In Sport,
Mary Burch

Fresco: 2000 Swedish Warmblood colt by Walldorf

We have been very satisfied with our Fresco. He is everything you said he was. We found you to be extremely honest and up front throughout the buying process. Your video was very representative of Fresco and of how he has been handled. It is obvious that he has only known kindness in his life and we are so grateful for that. My daughter's first horse had been mistreated, it took her five (5) years to work out all of his problems. That was the main reason she wanted a baby to train from the beginning. Fresco has been responsive and sweet and we will continue to train him with kindness. When he is introduced to new surroundings, etc., he will snort and look to his "new mom" for support. The second time he encounters whatever, he shows no fear.
My daughter, Kelly, was looking for a horse that she can show "in-hand" and on the A Circuit. We considered over 70 horses nation-wide. Although when we started looking, a main criteria was she didn't want another chestnut; Fresco won her heart. He was the best mover of all the horses we considered, and we were extremely impressed by the quality of the dam and sire. Fresco even beat colts by Rotspon, Wallstreet and Davignport .
I breed dogs and I know what to look for in a good breeder. Sharon, thank you for a job well done. I am so glad we found you.

Debbie Meyers (proud grandmom of Fresco)

Windsor: 2000 Swedish Warmblood colt by Walldorf

On May 3, 2001 we became the proud parents of Windsor, a 1 year old SWB colt delivered to us by Don and Sharon Enderlein. Not only is he big and beautiful, but his manners and kind temperment made it obvious to us that he was handled correctly and loved since birth. He has been everything and more than Sharon had described to us on the phone. We had taken a chance by buying him sight unseen. From the beginning we felt that Sharon was the type of person we could and should trust, and she has proven herself to be knowledgable, trustworthy, and honest in all aspects of this transaction. Not only did we end up with a wonderful dressage prospect for the future, but also a good friend in Sharon. We highly encourage anyone reading this testamonial to offer Brookstone Farms the opportunity to provide them with a horse from their breeding program--you won't be disappointed.
Dan and Karen Kuhn
Chana, Illinois

Forged Metal: 1984 Thoroughbred mare

Sharon, I just wanted to take a moment to say that it has been great working with you and buying one of your horses. If you want to publish this email , I give you permission to do so. If you ever need any reference I would be more than happy to provide one.
I have not had a great deal of experience in buying and selling horses, since I have just started in the horse breeding & training business but I feel that you truly represented the mare that I purchased from you. You took the time to talk honestly and even delivered the mare to Dallas, TX. I never felt that I was under any pressure. I'm sorry we didn't get more time to visit when you delivered Forged Metal, but I couldn't have asked for a better experience in buying a horse. I think Forged Metal (Tala) is happy in her new home. I had her bred to the Hannoverian Stallion Feiner Stern and she caught on the first cycle. Her foal is due toward the end of March. Since I purchased her as a brood mare, I feel quite satisfied with my new mare.
Again, thank you, it was a pleasure!
Jayne Schneiderhan

Grizabella: Hanoverian mare by Gixibar

I found you very easy to deal with, and my purchase of Bella went very smoothly. Especially compared to some of the nightmares I've dealt with! Bella is everything you said she was, and I haven't had a moment's regret. I'm eagerly looking forward to the foaling!

Fatima Blanche: '99 Hanoverian filly by Walldorf

Sharon Enderlein is a knowledgeable breeder who focuses her program on producing an athletic as well as attractive, modern type sporthorse. After a 2 year search for a dressage prospect, I had the good fortune of learning about Brookstone Farm which lead to the purchase of a gorgeous Hannoverian filly with an excellent temperament, refinement and lovely movement.
Sharon is honest, a pleasure to work with, and will definitely be my first contact when looking for my next prospect.
Take care!
Natalie Gombosi

Dauphinelle: '96 Hanoverian by Donnerkeil

Sharon was a pleasure to work with. I felt like she was very "upfront" throughout the whole process. She is extremely knowledgeable about her breeding program which is apparent when you see her foals. I will definitely be a repeat customer.
Janice Kenemer -owner of Dauphinelle
Posted to the Swedish Warmblood newsgroup, regarding a visit to our farm

Hello Everyone, I wanted to share my SWB adventure from this past weekend.

A friend and I were traveling to Georgia to deliver a horse when I realized we might be in SWB territory.

I contacted Sharon Enderlein of Brookstone Farms to see if we could visit.

Despite the short notice, Sharon agreed to show us around. In her unassuming way, she told us that she was a small breeder. Even with Sharon's modesty, it was easy to see all the research and care she puts into her breeding program, her horses, and her farm. Her horses and her farm were immaculate! Even though it is winter, the horses gleamed with health, happines, and great care was obviously taken.

It was wonderful to spend what little time we had with such a knowledgeable and gracious hostess!

I would encourage anyone traveling to the Georgia area to make time for a visit to Sharon's farm!

And Sharon, don't worry, it's easy to see the quality of those horses even with all the winter fur!

Lynne Carroll

All testimonies used with permission.