Registered Hanoverian gelding by West Coast

Born: April 24, 1999



American Hanoverian Society Inspection

"...this is the type of F-1 cross we're looking for."


18 months


Here at 3-years-old

Just out in the pasture, July 2007.


"Tag", is a registered American Hanoverian gelding, with the AHS. His sire is West Coast, and dam is a Jockey Club registered Thoroughbred mare, Forged Metal. He is a very kind and willing horse, stands 16.2 hands, loves people, and is a very easy keeper, staying fat off next to no feed. He is good for just about anything you want to do with him, and gets along with every horse he's been with. Tag is being offered for sale as a trail horse, since he fractured his back-right pastern in 2003, when he was 4-years-old. We chose not to do surgery, to fuse the joint, as the vet said that it would fuse on it's own if we had the time to give it to heal. We have allowed him to heal over the last 4 years, not riding him during this time. Our vet told us that he could be ridden again, after a year of healing, but we decided to give him more time, since there was no rush to get back on him. We will start him going back under saddle, and don't expect any problems, since he was so easy to start originally, never trying anything bad, and was great on the trails. Over the last 3 years, he has never taken a lame step. He runs and plays with all the young horses, and the old injury never seems to bother him. This is what the surgeon, from UGA, told us; he said that he would go back to a normal riding horse and could more than likely compete in lower level Dressage, but that his foot fall would be different from the other 3, because of the fusing of the joint. We do not feel comfortable selling him as a Dressage horse, as we cannot guarantee he'd stay sound for it, which is why we are selling him as a trail horse.


Congratulations to Nicole Hoover, of Odessa, Florida!


Updated: Dec. 29, 2007