our female Grand Eclectus

Born 11/5/01


In this picture, she is about 10 months.

Playing on her jungle-gym, out on our screened-in porch.

Someone forgot to tell her she's a bird.

Playing with the dog's ball, as well as that rock & the newspaper.

This isn't a very clear picture, but this is Kiwi doing one of her second favorite thing - riding
in the car. Her first favorite thing is eating - a lot.

This has to rank in the top 5 things she enjoys - getting a bath.

You can't see it in this picture, but the hair dryer is helping her dry off. She loves the hair dryer.

Now you can see the dryer.

Don't miss under the wings...

And here she is, all dry and enjoying some sunshine.

Sunbathing....even though its only 50 degrees, but no breeze.

A little play-time on the couch.

A little blury, but here she is resting on my chest while I watch some TV. In just
a moment, she will be sound asleep.

And here she is posing for a her High School Annual.
Actually, she sees a couple of buzzards in the distance.

Here she's with our niece, who stays with us in the summer.

She just loves Alli, and is always trying to nest in her long blonde hair!

Here she is giving me a hug. You can see her stretching tightly, up on my shoulder, pushing with her feet. She loves her hugs & kisses!

Here, she's sitting (more like laying) on Don's shoulder, acting like a baby, wanting him to feed her.

Here she is on the move...she thinks she rules the house, and always wants to be where we are.

Even the Rottweilers get out of her way with that strut!

Here she is on her little kitchen stand, trying to look cute, while begging for food. She is cute, and it works every time!

My niece took this one, while visiting in May '07. I just love it!

If you ever wondered what it looks like to have a bird flying right at you...well, here it is! Kiwi loves this game. We get her to fly back and forth to each of us. She seems to love it, and is very good at judging her speed and landings.


Kiwi is the best bird I've ever had. She is so affectionate, and she gets along with just about everyone. She's used to being around a lot of different people, as I am a hair stylist, and work out of my home. She loves to cuddle and play and getting a bath. She also travels well, and will hang out in our Pear tree all day...loose. She'll fly to us on command, even though her wings are cut. Of course, she can't fly real far, but is strong, and has landing on our hand down well. She's good to clip her wings; we just talk nice to her and make a game out of it. She also loves a bath and a blowdry. She'll hold her wings out to let you get her all over, and play a game with the end of the blowdryer. She also loves to play hide-and-seek on our bed, under the comforter. It is so cute to watch her run and dive under the covers, then she'll peek out, acting all coy.

Kiwi is such a lap bird! She loves to sit on our lap, or lay on our chest, while we watch TV, or rest. She'll actually fall sound asleep sometimes! She likes to be hugged and kissed, and will hug you back. She presses against your hand with her feet, with her head on your shoulder, pressing down with her neck and head. If you try to stop before she's through, she presses her beek against your shoulder and hangs on. It is very cute! She likes me to hug and kiss her before she goes to bed, or takes a nap. Yes, I said a nap...she likes to take a mid-day nap. It took us a while to figure out what she wanted! We keep her travel cage in our laundry room, which is where she sleeps. She likes to go to bed around 7:30-8:00 p.m. and gets up about 12 hours later. Then she takes about an hour nap at noon. The room is 100% dark, since there are no windows, so it is the perfect sleeping place for her.

Kiwi eats a good diet of fruits, vegetables, pasta, and Harrison's dry food. Of course we give her bites of our food, but are careful not to allow her to have too much salt. She loves whole grain bread, pizza crust, cheese, mashed potatoes, granola bars, and of course, any type of nut, especially almonds. She actually eats better than we do!

Kiwi has never been sick, and has never plucked her feathers. Her feathers are very vibrant and healthy, which reflects her good health. She is a happy bird!

Kiwi talks some, but not a lot. She mostly coos, or just hangs out quietly. She does say, "hey Kiwi", "What 'cha doin' little girl", "hello", "uh-oh", and "Cody, come on" (she'd call my old Golden Retriever, who was deaf). She also can whistle the Andy Griffin theme song, but usually adds her own twist to it, and will do very quiet immitations of a dog bark and my laugh. The only thing she picked up, that we didn't teach her, is that she does 3 beeps, copying the microwave. Oh yes...and she does whistle the cat call. She's been known to whistle it to my clients, as they walk past her cage. It makes them smile and feel good about themselves!

The funniest story, involving Kiwi, happened when my neice was visiting. My neice had a small yellow stuffed smiley face, that would laugh like a child doing a belly laugh, when you'd squeeze it. Well, my neice showed it to her, making it laugh, and Kiwi just reared her head back and said, "hello", like some guy saying, "well hello" excitedly to some beautiful girl. It was very funny, and we both wished we would have recorded it!

Sadly, we are offering her for sale. We just do not have the time for her at this point in our lives. My husband changed careers, which has affected both our time and finances. Because Kiwi is like our child, we will only sell her to an approved home. She is fine around dogs (lives with 2 Rottweilers), but we are not sure how she'd be with other birds, or a cat, as we've never tried it. She is accepting to almost anyone, and especially friendly to all people who like animals and are not afraid to handle a bird (we find that most people who are not afraid of birds, usually love animals, even if they've never been around birds), as we don't "push" her onto anyone. She likes both males and females, and older children (has been around my neice since she was 11; we've never let a young child handle her). She will sit on your shoulder and not try to get your glasses, eyes or earrings, and knows and respects me saying, "uh, uh" or "no, no" to her.


Congratulations, Julie D'Hond't. Take good care of our little girl. We will miss her.


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Updated: Oct. 11, 2008