1999 Swedish Warmblood Gelding by Absolut 9039


2 months old



5 1/2 months old and 14 months old



Akkurat at 2 years

Akkurat is a registered Swedish Warmblood gelding, by Absolut and out of Iron Maiden,
owned and bred by Brookstone Farms, born May 3, 1999.
Inspected and branded with SWANA, September 1999.

Scores: Type 9, Legs 8, Gaits 8
Total score: 25 points

Highest score in North America, for the 1999 SWANA Inspection Tour!


Offered for sale for $20,000


Congratulations, Judy Heuton, of Grand Junction, Colorado!


* Highest scoring foal in NA, on 1999 SWANA Inspection Tour

* Evaluated as stallion prospect as weanling, yearling, & 3-year-old by SWANA

* Grand Champion at first USDF DSHB Show

* 84% from Hilda Gurney; 9 on trot

* 7th Place Colt/Geldings at Dressage at Devon

* 2001 Reserve Champion Colts/Geldings: USDF HOY Awards


Akkurat is the perfect modern type, sport horse. He is energetic, but easy to handle, and has very elastic, balanced gaits. He has been a winner, at everything he enters. He was approved, as a breeding stallion, with the RPSI & AWS, before we decided to geld him. He was started under saddle, Oct. 25, 2002, and proved his intelligence and excellent temperament. He is sensitive and very willing, and is showing talent for GP Dressage.


* Because we already had our stallion, we decided to geld Akkurat on May 16, 2003. This decision was very difficult to make, and had nothing to do with his temperament or"stallion qualities". It was something we needed to do, as our farm is not set up for managing 2 stallions. We believe Akkurat will be very happy as a gelding, and will go on to be a very successful dressage horse.

(Just as a side note; the vets, at UGA, where he was gelded, commented that they rarely see such well mannered stallions, and were very impressed with his temperament and beauty)



click on picture to see Akkurat going under saddle



Show News:


Akkurat wins big at the *Turning Point Cosequin USDF Breed Show!

*formerly known as Big Bear Breed Show

 First Place: 1999 Colts/Geldings


 Colts/Geldings Champion


 Grand Champion of Show



North American Bred Champion

Akkurat received a score of 84% from "S" judge, Hilda Gurney, with a "9" on his trot,
and commented, "powerful colt, well muscled, lovely shoulder and hip".

Good Horseman's Breeder's Showcase for Sport Horses:

Sept. 15, 2001

1st Place: 1999 Colts/Geldings




Photo by Terri Miller

Dressage at Devon Breed Show:
September 25th, 2001

7th Place: Two-Year-Old Colts/Geldings (out of 30!)


November 10 & 11, 2001
Sunshine Classic Dressage Sport Horse Breed Show:
1st Place: 1999 Colts/Geldings
*USDF Year-End Awards:



Updated: Sept. 18, 2003