Black colt

Born June 10, 2014

First day of life; right after birth and then at about 14 hours. He stood 11 hands at birth.


Seen here at 2-days-old.

Seen here at 3-weeks-old, standing 11.1 hands.

Seen here at 6-weeks-old, standing 12 hands.

More pics at 6-weeks-old.


Seen here at 3-months-old, standing 13.1 hands.

He is shedding off his faded foal coat, exposing his black coat underneath, which is fading from the sun as well.

Seen here from 4-months-old to 5-months-old. Standing 14 hands at 5 months.

Top pic taken on Oct. 13th and last pic taken on Nov. 19th. Winter fur already coming in.

Seen here at 6-months-old. Standing 14.1 hands.

Seen here at 8-months-old. Standing 14.3 hands.


Above is a copy of Donnerprinz's pedigree from the All Breeds Database. Click on it to go to the interactive version.


Donnerprinz is Winsome's 3rd colt by Donnermeyer, and possibly the best one yet! He stood 11 hands (44") at birth and has very nice large joints and bone. He is very much like his sire, with a laid back personality and very intelligent. He loves people and attention and is very willing to let us do just about anything to/with him. At just 12-hours-old, he stood without any resistance, while the vet took blood. Donnerprinz is worked with daily, and will stand to have his feet picked up, will lead, as well as move his front and hind quarters when asked. He also stands for the farrier and to receive wormer. He's truly a joy to work with. He not only loves people, but also loves my one-year-old Rotweiller puppy. He comes running to the fence, whinnying to us, when he sees us heading out to the barn. It's really cute the way they interact.

Donnerprinz will be registered Swedish (SWANA). Although his coat color doesn't appear black in all the photos, he will end up black, just like his sire. We expect Donnerprinz to reach 16.3 to 17.2 hands.



Congratulations, Paige & Randy Hunt, of Athens, TN!

Donnerprinz settled into his new home well. They tell me he stood 15 Hands on his 10 month birthday.