Black Colt

born May 26, 2009

Out of Winsome

our Swedish Warmblood mare


Seen above on his first day of life.

Seen above at one-day-old.

Seen above at two-days-old.

Seen above at 5-days-old. As you can see...he's discovered that he has a tongue! He's such a character!

Seen above at one-week-old.

Seen above at 3 1/2-weeks-old. Getting used to his new halter, and not so sure he likes it.

There's his proud daddy looking at him, in the background.

Seen above at 6 1/2-weeks-old, resting with mom.

Seen above at 6 1/2-weeks-old, where he already stands 12 hands.

Seen above at 3-months-old, where he already stands 13 hands.

Punkin experiencing his first snow, with his grandmother, Maddie.

Punkin on his First Birthday; standing 15 hands.

This beautiful boy is our own Winsome's first foal, and we are just thrilled with him! He is owned by Nicole Hoover, of Tampa, FL, who purchased him in-utero. His name is Donnerwunder, but we just call him "Punkin". He is a big boy, standing at 41" tall at birth, and will probably hit 17 hands or more, when mature. He was born at 1:00 a.m. on the 26th. I was so thankful for the help of my husband, sister, and friend, as I could not bear any weight on my right foot, after crushing my ankle 9 1/2 weeks prior. Of course, I did try to get in there and do as much as possible, because it is just too hard to not put my hands on him! As he has matured, we are seeing that great Donnermeyer personality; he is very smart, learning most things after one time, and he is very willing, as he loves people.

Donnerwunder won the Bronze medal at his AWS Inspection with a total score of 78.65, earning him the designation of Blue Prefered (only 14% of the horses inspected earn this). He also had a Trot score of 8.7 and a Sport Horse Potential score of 8.4. This is a great score, especially since he had to show in the pouring rain...we are very proud of him!


Updated May 30, 2010