2002 Registered Swedish Warmblood Filly

by Elite Hanoverian Stallion Walldorf

out of our Swedish mare, Iron Maiden

Born April 22, 2002



12 days old

1 month old

3 months old (stands over 12 hands!)

photo by Julie Nestor

Here she is, at her SWANA Inspection, at 4 1/2 months old (standing 13.2!)

Head, Neck, Body
Well proportioned, rather elegant, fairly well sloping shoulder, well formed croup
Toed-in right fore, correct from side

Good walk, light rhythmic out behind in trot, light rhythmic earthbound canter

(judges feel her gaits are heavy due to her age & growth stage)


Winsome scored 23 points, making her a Class I foal.


Above, Winsome as a 2 1/2-year-old.



Above, Winsome in training; her second ride. Started under saddle & over fences by Leigh Ellen Ertle, of Big Bear Farm.


Above, Winsome in training, as a 4-year-old. She is seen above, after only 30 days of training, from first ride to jumping the Combined Training course at Big Bear. These are stills from the video I shot the day I picked her up. She was going very well under saddle and over jumps, as you can see. Click below to see the video:



Winsome on August 14, 2011.


Click below to see a video of Winsome moving free:


Winsome, on Oct. 12, 2011, with trainer Scott Armour.

The pics below are taken from video on the same day.


Click below to see a video of Winsome going under saddle & over jumps, with trainer, Scott Armour:



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Lady Evelyna


Winsome is a big solid mare, with large joints and good bone. She has a sweet and quiet personality, and very large, balanced gaits. She has a very willing personality; clips, loads, bathes, and stands for the farrier, vet, to be wormed and for vaccines. She is also a valuable broodmare; easy to get in-foal, and has proven herself to be an excellent producer.

Winsome is very well bred. Her sire, Walldorf, was 1st at his stallion testing, receiving 9+'s for all 3 gaits, and an 8 for Jumping ability. Her dam, Iron Maiden, one of our best Swedish mares, has produced only Class I foals, with her first, Akkurat, ranking 2nd in the Nation, with the USDF Year End Awards. Winsome should do very well in either Dressage or Jumping. Her full brother, Windsor, was very easy to start under saddle, and received a first & second at his first Dressage show, with scores of 66.8% & 60%. Her 7/8 brother, Fresco, is doing very well on the A Circuit, her 1/2 brother, Ducati, is doing well as an Eventer, and her 1/2 sister, Without Question, is doing well in the Adult Hunters.

May, 2006, Winsome went through training; being started under saddle, and over jumps. She made great progress, never tried to buck or rear, and seems to be unflappable. She has large, floating gaits, and is rock solid. It didn't take long to get her going well at the walk, trot and canter, as well as over jumps. She was ridden over the Novice Cross-country course at Big Bear, and was willing to go over each obstacle. The first year, after her initial 30 days of professional training, she was ridden on trails, trailered off our property every time. She's like taking a seasoned horse, and will stand tied to the trailer while she's being groomed and saddled. She also is very solid out on the trails, and will even lead the group at times. She hardly ever spooks, but when she does, it is very big and soft, almost like slow motion. She is very fun to ride, and such a sweet mare just to be around!

We bred for, and kept Winsome as a broodmare, hoping to pass along her wonderful qualities when bred to our stallion, Donnermeyer. We were very successful! She had her first colt in 2009, another in 2010, one in 2014, and finally a filly in 2016, and another in 2017. She is very willing to please, has beautiful lofty movement, and is a talented jumper. Her colts are tall and exhibit excellent movement and athletic ability. Her 2010 colt was sold and is standing as a stallion, having his first foals in 2015. She is such an excellent mare, either as a competition horse or a broodmare. Her foals sell for an average of $8000, so she is also a money maker.


Congratulations, Chuck & Suzanne Green on their purchase of Winsome!



Winsome's offspring by our stallion, Donnermeyer:

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Donnerwunder, born May 26, 2009.



Donnersohn, born June 3, 2010.

Owned by Chuck & Suzanne Green, who also stand him at stud


Donnerprinz, born June 10, 2014.


Danke, born April 4, 2016.



Above: Winsome's sire, Wallforf.

Winsome's brother's, Windsor, Fresco & Akkurat, & sister, Without Question (who is by Donnermeyer).

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Updated: Nov. 27, 2017