Black colt

Born April, 3 2009

by Andiamo Insieme

out of Velvet, a Donnermeyer daughter



Seen here the day he was born.

Seen here at one-day-old.

Seen here at 3-weeks-old.

Seen here at about one-month-old.

Seen here at about 7-weeks-old.


Amadeus is a black colt, born April 3, 2009, out of Velvet, a 2004 Donnermeyer daughter. Velvet was purchased, and bred, by Nicole Hoover, but because of drastic changes in her life, she had to find Velvet another home. The owner's of Beauty's Haven Farm took her in and foaled her out. They will try to find good homes for both, but ultimitely may keep them for their clients to work with and show in the future. Both Velvet and Amadeus live atBeauty's Haven Farm and Equine Rescue, Inc., in Morriston, Florida.

Amadeus' sire, Andiamo Insieme, a Thoroughbred/Percheron stallion.