Furst Vom Schutzlowen-Blut


Born July 17, 2013

Sire: Diesel Vom Flood

Dam: Sara Von

Ty on the night we brought him home; Sept. 16, 2013, at 8-weeks-old.

Ty on his first full day here, which began with a bath in the kitchen sink (he was very good), on Sept. 17, 2013.


Ty on his second day, Sept. 18, 2013. The first day he was out with Max.

Ty at 10 to 13 weeks old.

Ty at 15-weeks-old.

Ty at 18 to 19 weeks old.


Ty is such a smart and sweet puppy. I think he is the best we've ever had. He learns new things so fast and loves to cuddle and play. We absolutely love him! He and Max get along well, even though there are 7 years between them.


This is Ty's sire, Diesel Vom Flood, owned by Atlanta Haus Rotweillers.