Forrest & Jenny


born 5/22/06

out of a Riverman mare


Jenny, the larger filly, and her little brother, Forrest, at Auburn University. Above at 3 days.

Above at 11 days. Forrest shown with his (human) mom, Dianne, in bottom right pic.

Jenny at a month old; finally home from the hospital and able to get some exercise to strengthen her legs.

Forrest at a month old; finally home from the hospital, but still has to have his splints. It's amazing how easily he gets around in them! In fact, his daily routine is to go into the stall next to his mom & sister's, climb onto a make-shift bed (hay with blankets on top), lay down, and have his splints put on. He happily follows the barn manager into the stall, jumps up onto the bed, lays down and falls asleep while he has the splints put on. He is so full of personality, and is so cute, you cannot help but love this little guy! Above, you'll see me with Forrest; I am 5'6", so you can get an idea as to how small he is (the red halter is really a goat halter!). He loves people and other animals, as you can see he is making the rounds, visiting all his friends.


Jenny at 2 months old, looking for mom.

Forrest at 2 months old. He is very friendly, and wants to visit with everyone. His legs are straightening up nicely, although he still has to wear his splints. He just got them off, in the bottom left pic, and is feeling very "itchy".

Jenny and Forrest are very lucky to be here, and we were not expecting twins! Jenny is almost a normal size, but Forrest is much smaller, and is considered a Dysmature foal. Because he had less of his mother's nurishment, he is smaller and his bones were not 100% calcified when he was born, so he has to have splints to protect his legs. He has surprised us from the beginning, not realizing he was even there, then surviving a difficult birth (born an hour after his sister & had to be pulled), and now, amazingly agile, even with his splints. The medical staff inform us that he is a ball of energy, and can do amazing stunts, even with the heavy & bulky splints! He is a sweetheart, and loves everyone, and has won the hearts of everyone at Auburn University! Of course, his big sister, Jenny, is trying to be patient in her small stall, waiting for her brother to be strong enough to run with her. She is full of energy, very curious, and very protective of anyone who does anything with her little brother. She is a good sister; as you can see her cleaning Forrest's face in one of the top photos.

The twins have a full sister, De Nada, born last year. She was also a twin, but her twin didn't survive; she was delivered, mummified, 2 days later. So, we are all greatful this set survived!


Last updated June 24, 2006