Steel Bastion

Bay colt; out of Forged Metal

Born April 11, 2003

above at one day
below at 8 days
below at 4 months
below at 4 months

Bastion is a wonderful young boy who thinks people are endlessly facinating. He loves people, grooming and gatorade (not necessarily in that order). Bastion has been introduced to: farrier, x-ties, loading, trailering & bathing. He has been handled since birth. He should mature well over 16 hands and be a true liver color (almost black; chocolate when faded). Dam: Forged Metal; Sire: Donnermeyer.

We are proud to announce that Bastion scored 80.6% at his AWS Inspection, which places him in the highest ranking, of Supreme!

Below are some of the judges comments:

Walk (8.2) 25%- Straight hind, good use of head & neck, very good length; some swing w/ hind, straight in the fore with good rhythm and balance.
Trot (8.0) 25%- Very responsive, straight in the fore; good balance and rhythm; fairly good articulation; well connected
Conformation (7.9) 40%- 3 Parts are equal and balanced w/ very attractive hiead. Uphill appearance (even though right now he is about 2 inches croup high); 3 parts well connected w/ strong shoulder and strong hind.
Sport horse potential (8.5) 10%- Good balance; good potential and very responsive. He should be able to go to the highest levels of his sport! GENTLEMAN!
Total score 80.6 designation 'Supreme'

Bastion is very tall...he stands over 16.2 right now (Jan. '06), his croup is 16.3+ and we expect he will finish about 17h. He is very modern and has a really good shoulder, head, and neck connection.  He is flexible, has very good bone and is very elegant.  He is fun to ride and I really like his attitude....and....he doesn't spook.

(written by owner): This is a very nice young man with good ground covering gaits and his canter is truly excellent. He has been lightly started u/s and is a very easy, uncomplicated youngster who works very well in an open arena (no fence). Bastion has very good movement and good balanced gaits and has improved dramatically over the past year. He has lovely conformation although his wither has not yet caught up with his butt (it will!!).



Updated Jan. 20, 2007