Snowie's Gift



Born May 20, 2009

out of Miss Snow Hill

a Jockey Club Thoroughbred mare


Seen above at 1-day-old, with nurse mare.

Seen above at 2-days-old.

Seen above at 3-days-old.

Seen above at 9-days-old.

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Jumping for Joy


Seen above at 1-month-old.

Seen above at 2-months-old.

Seen above at 4-months-old.

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Seen above with "mom", Kyle, enjoying a good scratch.

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Click below to see a video of GiGi learning to drive.

Click below to see a video of GiGi playing with the hose.


Kyle and GiGi at the beach at almost 3 1/2-years-old .




Miss Snow Hill

Above is Miss Snow Hill, aka Snowie; wonderful partner and friend to Kyle Van Splinter. Sadly, she passed away, shortly after delivering her beautiful filly.

Kyle says that Snowie's Gift is helping her to heal from the loss of her beautiful mare, Snowie.