2012 registered Spotted Saddle Horse gelding

Black & White

16.1 Hands

Above pics: summer 2016
Above pics: at 4-years-old

Romeo with Jazz, his little sister

Romeo came to us in February 2016, when he was still a late 3-year-old, and only stood 15.3 hands. At that time, we lived in Georgia, on 22 acres. I purchased him to be my main riding horse, after loosing my partner of 26 years. Romeo already had a lot of miles under saddle, and over the last 4 years we've ridden a lot more. While we lived in Georgia, the majority of our rides were offsite, so he definitely learned to trailer well. Romeo willingly loads and unloads quietly and he will stand tied to the trailer. In December 2017, we moved to our current 138 acre farm in Tennessee, where we have a lot of trails to ride on.

Romeo is a lot of fun to ride, but he is not for a beginner or child. He is very forward on the trails, but he's not "hot", and he's also not a "deadhead". He is very sensitive, so he can read your body movement. This means that you just have to look to where you want to go and he goes there. A subtle nudge of your seat, and he moves forward or faster. He is also very soft in his mouth and only requires the lightest touch of the reins. He truly is just an extension of my hands and legs. Because of his sensativity, he would not do well with an agressive rider. We've been working on side passing and he's doing pretty well with it. Romeo rides well on his own or in a group. He crosses bridges and creeks, will wade into lakes and will ride on the side of the road. He will ride in the front, middle or back of the group.

Romeo is an "easy keeper". He is the head horse of our 5-horse herd. He gets respect without being mean. He's not a biter or kicker, and will actually step back, rather than fight. He is fine in a stall and has no bad habits, like cribbing, weaving or walking his stall. He is good for a bath, the farrier and for shots and wormer. I keep him shoed, here in Tennessee, but he went barefoot in Georgia. In Georgia, when I would ride in a rocky area, I used Cavallo boots. He does well either way.

Romeo is a beautiful horse. He has nearly perfect conformation and a flashy gait. He is smooth under saddle, with a rocking chair canter. Romeo is also very smart and willing to learn. I taught him how to park out in less than a day. He will still park out, making mounting a little easier. He is only offered for sale because he is too tall for me, especially as I age, but he will make someone a great trail partner. Romeo is a special horse, so I will only sell him to an approved home.

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