Born June 23, 2008

Out of Ms. Pippens, a JC Thoroughbred mare

Shown at 6 hours old.

Seen above as a yearling.

Deb Warner, Pepperdyne's breeder, sent the yearling pics, along with a note about him, "he is black and has such a laid back personality. He is still a stud colt. I am debating whether to keep him as a stallion prospect. I had
6 colts that year and all others were gelded, but Pepper is special!" . Deb also wrote, in a separate email, " I do want to thank you for my Pepper. Donnermeyer must be a wonderful guy. I thought my stallion (now a gelding as of March 13, 2009)
had the best temperment and passed that on to his foals, but Pepper is
exceptionally sweet and so curious. He already knows his lateral and
vertical flexion from the ground, trailer loads himself, hands me his feet.
He is such a pleasure to work with and he is still a stud colt!"



Pepperdyne being started under saddle in 2011

Pepperdyne under saddle in 2011

Pepperdyne's dam, Ms. Pippens


Pepperdyne is an AWS registered and branded stallion. He is shown competing in his first dressage show, in 2012, in the video links below. His scores were as follows: Training Level Test 1: 65.833; Training Level Test 2: 71.071; Intro Level - Test C: 75.750





Pepperdyne is offered for sale. He is still a stallion and is winning in the Dressage ring. Please contact for more information.

For Sale