Max Von Enderlein


by Ferris Vom Neuenschloss

out of Pumpernickle Von Zobe

Born 8/9/06

His first full day with us, Sept. 30, 2006, seen above "warming up to" Jake, and showing off his "Budda belly"!


This is Max, the newest addition to our family. We took Jake with us, to pick him out, since they will be brothers. Jake wasn't too sure that he really "needed" another brother, but I think they'll end up the best of buddies! Jake is already warming up to Max, and trying to play with him. Of course, he just can't figure out how to play with such a little thing! In fact, Jake hasn't seen his stuffed Rottweiler puppy, since he was a puppy (and he chewed the nose off), but we stitched the nose closed and brought it out for Max. Jake wasn't too sure he wanted Max to have his puppy, and was a little confused, since they were the same size, and sort of looked a like. At first, Max was a little afraid of Jake, but it didn't take long for him to try and warm up to his new big brother. He's also adapted to his new home very fast, and has taken "the spot", at the kitchen/family room entrance (this has been the favored spot of every Rottweiler we've had!), resting after a hard day at play. He doesn't cry much, and so far, he hasn't had an accident in his pen, or in the house. He has definitely stolen our hearts, and is very entertaining to watch...pouncing on his ball, or wrestling his stuffed horse to the ground (we had to pick up another stuffed horse, that squeaks, since it was one of Jake's favorite toys when he was Max's age; but he tore his up, so we had to buy a new one, and he loves his, too).

Ferris Vom Neuenschloss (Max's dad)

Pumpernickle Von Zobe (Max's mom)

We're very happy with our new boy, and would like to thank Little Brook Farms, for breeding such a great boy!

Here only 3 days, but he's definitely feeling at home, and he and Jake are now the best of buddies.

Max at 8 1/2 weeks old, playing with Jake.

This is Max's first bath at 8 1/2 weeks old.

Here at 9 1/2 weeks old...what a lazy puppy!

He's taken over Jake's favorite napping spot, in our bathroom!

Max at 10 1/2 weeks old...he plays pretty rough with Jake, who is so gentle with his favorite little buddy.

Max at 11 weeks old

Max at 3-months-old with his best buddy, Jake, and on his new favorite sleeping spot!

Max at 4-months-old...he doesn't quite realize how big he's getting!

Max at 4 1/2-months-old, playing with Jake, at home and then in Orlando at Christmas. Their Aunt Robin bought them a couple of Squeaky tennis balls, which have become their favorite toys! The small one was supposed to be for Max, but notice who has the big one in some of the pics!

Max at 6-months-old.

Max at 7-months-old, stretching & playing with Jake.

Max (left) & Jake (right) at the pond in Blairsville (N. Georgia Mountains). Notice that Max's tongue is sticking out (this happens a lot, because it is so long!).

Jake & Max enjoying a swim, June 24, 2007. Funny, Jake used to only stay where he could touch, until his little brother, Max, came along. Max is a natural swimmer, which created some competition, so Jake got passed his fears (with a little coaxing from "mom"), and now swims out on his own to retrieve the stick. As you can see, Max is very "at home" in the water, and he swims like a duck!

We celebrated Max's first Birthday with his favorite...vanilla ice cream. He just wasn't real sure about that candle, though!

Max's first Birthday was a lot of fun, doing his favorite thing...swimming (I think he's part fish...or frog!).

Max & Jake got to go on vacation, to Jackson Hole, WY, August 24 - Sept. 5, 2007. They got to swim, ride in the truck while adventuring all over the Teton Wilderness, and even got to swim in the Yellowstone river! While swimming in the Yellowstone river (pic; lower-left), we probably had 20 people, or more, stop to take pictures of the "black bears" they saw swimming in the river! It was very funny; they created quite the commotion! They had a blast! Max was a "mad-man", when it came to swimming! He wanted the biggest stick he could find, and if he couldn't find one laying around, he'd pull off the top of a downed tree, or rotting tree on the ground. He was very funny to watch! The bigger the better, was his motto, often carrying a 6foot long stick around on the trails! He even pulled a small downed tree, laying across a stream, about 50 feet. It was about 30 feet long, but only about 6 inches in diameter, but that didn't seem to matter! When it got hung up at the root, he broke off about 5 feet off the top, and was happy. He is a funny, funny boy! He also was not afraid of the strong current in the river, and was very good at negotiating it...I think he was really supposed to be a Labrador!

Max (with Jake) June 2008.

Max, our "super dog", doing his favorite thing...fetching his ball and swimming! He is fearless in the water, and will dive in off the side, even face first, just to get his ball. He'll also dive under, to the bottom, to retrieve his toy. You can see why we call it, "duck-butt", when he dives under to get his ball. Then, when he comes back up, he loks like a seal! He's quite the character, and will swim and play like this for hours. These pics were from May 31, 2009.






Updated July 26, 2009