Dimarions Jake


Born September 15, 2004


Here at 8 weeks

Here at 9 weeks

Here at 11 weeks

Here at 12 weeks...no...he's not spoiled!

Above at 3 months...his favorite napping spot!

Above at 7 months old...he's growing up!

Above at 11 months old; always the jokester!

Above at 1 year old, just after surgery (not too happy about his new hat!).

In his favorite 2 spots; knocking all the bed pillows down, to make his own fort...and, still, the couch!

No...he's not spoiled...even though he is the cutest puppy on earth!

Above...with his favorite toys.

Top 2 on his 2nd Birthday (ice cream, my favorite!); bottom 2: the day he started to warm up to his new buddy, Max (9/30/06).

This was just 10 days after his birthday, and I think he was still thinking, "but I didn't ask for this...and what is it, by the way?"!

Above on Oct. 14, 2006

Jake & Max in Orlando for Christmas 2006

Jake sleeping...he still loves the couch, and his toys! (Feb. 7, 2007)

Above on March 10, 2007

Max (left) & Jake (right) at the pond in Blairsville (N. Georgia Mountains). Notice that Max's tongue is sticking out (this happens a lot, because it is so long!).

Jake & Max enjoying a swim, June 24, 2007. Funny, Jake used to only stay where he could touch, until his little brother, Max, came along. Max is a natural swimmer, which created some competition, so Jake got passed his fears (with a little coaxing from "mom"), and now swims out on his own to retrieve the stick.

Jake & Max enjoying a swim, August 12, 2007, celebrating Max's First Birthday. Actually, we're celebrating both Max & Don's birthdays; Max's was on the 9th, and Don's is the 13th. As you can see, both boys love to swim, but Max is a little more "fish-like" than Jake. Jake has learned to stand in the shallow end, waiting for the toy to be thrown...he's closer this way, as Max will run to the deep end and jump in, and ends up with the toy every time. I think he figured he gets a head start by beginning 1/2 way! It is very comical to see, as he stands in the water, using his front legs to keep upright. His logic has worked, and he has beat Max to the toy several times...of course, his favorite place is still on the steps!

Jake & Max got to go on vacation, to Jackson Hole, WY, August 24 - Sept. 5, 2007. They got to swim, ride in the truck while adventuring all over the Teton Wilderness, and even got to swim in the Yellowstone river! While swimming in the Yellowstone river (pic; top-right), we probably had 20 people, or more, stop to take pictures of the "black bears" they saw swimming in the river! It was very funny; they created quite the commotion! They had a blast! Jake was always ready & waiting to go back in the truck, onto his next adventure! As you can see in the pic above, he'd just wait for us to come help him up in the truck (yes, I know he is big enough to jump, but he doesn't know that, and we like to help him to protect his hips...he thinks he's a little lap dog!).

Jake (left) & Max on June 18, 2008

Jake & Max, having a pool party on May 31, 2009, with their Aunt Robin and cousin, Riley. Jake is telling Riley that he used to be scared too, and that he shouldn't be scared. Of course, a good swim has to be followed with a good shake!






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