Fein China

Feiner Stern x Iron Maiden

Bay Filly

Born June 26, 2004


Seen above at 9 hours old

Seen above at 9 days

Seen above at 2 weeks old

Seen above with pasture mate, Denali.

Seen above at 3 weeks old

Seen above at 1 month old

Seen above at 2 1/2 months old

(already shedding to a dark bay)

Seen above at 4 months old.


Click here to see a short video clip (4-months-old)


Seen above at 23 months old.


Click here to see a short video clip (23-months-old)



Feiner Stern

Fein China is by the famous Hanoverian stallion, Feiner Stern, and out of one of our top Swedish mares, Iron Maiden. She is a beautiful, very large, and a very strong filly. She is intelligent and willing, and is showing excellent movement. She should mature to 16.3-17 hands, and have a good solid build. We are excited to see how this one develops! She is registered and branded Swedish Warmblood; her inspection scores are as follows:

Type: Well developed, well musceled, good proportion, uphill, well formed & well set neck, sloaping shoulder, long & well formed croup with good muscles, slightly short framed.
Legs: correct & well boned, today slightly straight up in pasterns.


walk: clean, rhythmical, rather supple & ground covering

Trot: rhythmical, rather good from behind & well balanced, could have more energy.

Canter: good understep & rhythm, could have more energy


Remarks: Well develpoed, in good harmony, with good gaits.

Class I

We were supposed to go to the SWANA inspection in Ocala, FL, Scheduled for Sept. 4th, but because of Hurricane Frances, we had to make some last minute changes, and go to the inspection scheduled on Sept. 3rd, in Southern Pines, NC. With the last minute change in plans, we lost a day and a half for preparations, and had to travel 10 hours, instead of 5 1/2. China traveled so well, but was very tired (only 2-months-old), and only had 12 hours to rest before she was inspected, which was reflected in her lack of "energy", in her gait scores. The judges recognized this, and felt her lack of energy was due to her long trip, but still had to judge what they saw. Of course, we were still very happy with her scores, despite her lack of energy, as she received the highest ranking of Class I.

China was going to stay, and be a future broodmare for us, but since we decided to get out of breeding, she will now be offered up for sale. She is a wonderful, and beautiful filly. She has excellent movement, and seems to have that "look at me" way of going. She should make a great dressage horse, but may even be talented for jumping, from her dam's line. She should mature to about 16.3, and have a medium build. She is a beautiful dark bay, with a star, and a white left-rear pastern. She is intelligent, independent, and confident. She has a willing personality, loves people, and is easy to work with. She will bathe, clip, load, and stand for the vet and farrier.

We know she's worth much more, but since we are selling everyone in our breeding program, we decided to put a good price on her.



Congratulations, Sherry Walter, of Monroe, GA!




Last updated July 17, 2006