1998 Imported Swedish Warmblood Stallion
(Homozygous black)


Donnermeyer is a multi-talented stallion. He has the movement for Dressage, and the strength & talent for jumping. His talents are not surprising, as his pedigree is World Class, containing the "Royal Three". A son of the multi-talented De Niro, who's foals continue to be top sellers at Germany's top auctions, and a grandson of two of the World's top producers of Dressage horses, Donnerhall & Weltmeyer. His dam's dam's line are also some of the best mares in Sweden, producing top jumpers, and Dressage horses. Donnermeyer's great-grandsire, Romadour II, is also Rubenstein's grandsire.

Donnermeyer's best trait is his beautiful mind. He is a very easy going stallion, who is regularly complimented for his sweet nature. He is gentle and kind, truly wants to please, and loves people. He is like a puppy-dog, filled with personality, and a pleasure to be around. He also passes this onto his offspring.

I don't know of another stallion owner who can say this; in all the years that Donnermeyer and I have been partners (since he was 6-months-old), he has never attempted to bite or kick me, and I'm the one who started him under saddle, handles him when bred and handles him every day. That is saying a lot about who he is, and what he passes onto his offspring.

Donnermeyer also has an excellent breeding record, with an overall pregnancy success rate of 92%. His semen is very high quality, with high motility, and longevity. We have documented cases of 3 mares conceiving after ovulating 3-4 days after last being inseminated (2 at 3 days & 1 at 4 days). Most stallions semen only lasts 48 hours.



Donnermeyer was approved with the American Warmblood Society and the Rheinland-Phalz-Saar International, in 2002. Because of the exceptional quality of his foals, and their foals, several have been accepted and registered with other registries, such as HOL (Holsteiner), OLD (Oldenburg), SWANA (Swedish), and BWP (Belgian Warmblood).




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Donnermeyer is passing on his willing personality & intelligence, a beautiful head, a higher set, more rounded neck, a great shoulder angle, a strong hind-end, more substantial bone, and excellent movement that is equal to, or better than his (even out of average or worse moving mares).

Although Donnermeyer stands at 16 hands, he is genetically much taller; more like 16.3 to 17 hands. This means that it is like breeding to a stallion who stands 16.3 to 17 hands tall. It really doesn't matter his physical size when breeding, only his genetic size, as this is what he is contributing. He has foals as tall as 17.2, out of a 15.3 HH mare, 16.3 out of a 15.2 HH mare, and 16.3 out of a 16 HH mare. He does pass on size; both height and bone.

Donnermeyer is passing on many of the desirable traits of his famous sire, & grandsires, proving to be an improvement sire himself.

Between 2003 and 2005, the AWS inspected 15 Donnermeyer foals; 7 receiving scores between 75%-79.9% (only 14% of the horses inspected by the AWS receive this high a score), and 3 receiving scores between 80%-100% (only 4% of the horses receive this high a score), making Donnermeyer one of the AWS's top producing stallions, in only 2 years! He also has offspring (foals & grandchildren) registered, or approved for breeding, with several other registries such as Swedish, Holsteiner, Oldenburg, and Belgian Warmblood; all receiving high scores or premium designations.

His offspring are showing and winning at both Dressage and Jumping.

Examples of Donnermeyer offspring:

Top-left; Desiderius: (Black; 16.3; out of a Swedish cross mare) 2010 - 3rd Place in Open Dressage with USDF Year End Awards; 2011 - NEW Dressage Assoc. Reserve Champion First Level Maiden with 68%; Always requested by Steffen Peters, to be the example horse, at his Dressage Clinics; currently being used as a School Master.

Top-right; Denali: (Black; 16.3; out of a TB/APPY mare) Cleaned up the CT Show Circuit, his first year doing Huters; Top 10 in CHSA & CHJA in the State of CT in Adult Amateur Equitation; Noticed, and evaluated by, Peter Leone & invited to receive training with him (a real honor!).

Lower-left; Bella: (Bay; 16.3; out of a Swedish mare) Cleaning up in Adult Amateur Hunter's in Colorado.

Lower-right; Hala Dynamo: (Black, but faded; 15 hands; out of an Arab mare) Smart & talented; started under saddle Fall 2011; 2/5/12 - !st Place at her 1st recognized USEA show, in Open Beginer Novice; 3/4/12 - 4th place at 2nd recognized USEA show (large class; 31.7% Dressage score; clean rounds in both show jumping and cross country); So impressive at her 2nd show, she was purchased on site.


Email from Denali's buyer, about the visit from the saddle fitter:

The CWD rep (John) is a former Grand Prixe rider and
trains for Peter Leone in Greenwich (former Olympic medalist).

Ok, ready for this proud Mama? He LOVED Denali. He must have said 100 times what a nice horse he was and how good he was going to be and how much he loved his neck, shoulder, and top line. He told me that he had a hard time concentrating on my riding because he was too distracted by Denali. This is a
man who deals in $100-500K horses all day!

Denali is a 2004 Donnermeyer son, out of a TB x Appaloosa mare. He is very representative of Donnermeyer's offspring, regardless of the mare.


Pictured: Gold, Silver & Bronze Medal winners

Donnermeyer foals dominate the 2004 AWS Inspection, taking the top 5 placing's!





Click on names to see more info. & pics; some have video:

    Donnerwetter 311812177
   Donnerhall 330887081
    Ninette H. 330025576
 De Niro 310590093  
    Akzent II 314702274
   Alicante H. 310183478
    Wiesenelfe H. 313217373
    World Cup I 314510477
   Weltmeyer 314403584
    Anka H. 314702676
 Copi 23657  
    Romadour II
   Camus 20101
    Corall 11659




Donnermeyer's Story


Article in The Horse Magazine:

You choose - who is the best of the BIG 3
Chris Hector looks at Germany’s hottest dressage bloodlines...
They are the big three of modern dressage breeding: Donnerhall, Rubinstein and Weltmeyer - and their fans, like fans anywhere, are quick to praise their hero - and belittle his challengers. In truth, all three stallions offer quite different qualities and possibilities.

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Video available on YouTube


Donnermeyer is now standing at Fishing Creek Warmbloods in Fort Lawn, S. C.

with Chuck and Suzanne Green



Updated Nov. 27, 2017