Silver Dapple colt

Born 4/13/08

out of Tiajuana Jewel

a Rocky Mountain Horse

Only minutes old.

Above at 3-days-old. Photos by Dusty Perin.

Above at 6-days-old.

Donnerheart at 6-weeks-old.

Donnerheart at 3-months-old.

Donnerheart at his AWS Inspection.

Congratulations, Wes, Madison, Freddy and Becky Owens!

Donnerheart at 7-months-old.

Donnerheart at 10-months-old.

Donnerheart at 21-months-old.

Donnerheart at 2-years-old.

Donnerheart at 5-years-old.


An email from the Owens:

"I just wanted to let you know how pleased with are with Donnerheart and really the whole breeding experience with both you and Donnermeyer. We really were not sure what to expect since this particular breeding: Rocky Mountain Mare x Swedish Warmblood has probably never been done before. Ideally we were looking for a horse for Madison, my 10 year old daughter to grow up with, help train, and to eventually event and since we wanted a youngster that a child could safely work with, it was very important to us that the stallion be of impeccable temperament. Naturally too, we did not wish to sacrifice anything regarding conformation, movement, or color either :) After an exhaustive search (and I mean really extensive - all possible breeds, all possible stallions, all possible countries) our trainer and I both agreed that Donnermeyer had all the attributes we were looking for, and also the most potential for matching well with my mare. This was kind of amazing since we had agreed to look at the stallions separately and not compare notes until we had each made a list of the most likely candidates. Some things I guess are just destined to be.

I am well aware that the best laid plans rarely work out as intended - especially in the horse business, but even though Donnerheart is only just now a month old, we couldn't be more pleased with the way things have worked out so far. Not only did you do a fantastic job of organizing a collection on a very last minute basis, but the result of all this work and waiting is a foal who is just breathtaking to all who come to see him. Donnerheart and his mother are stabled at a very large boarding facility which is visited by large numbers of riders and horsepeople and it is just incredible the amount of positive feedback we have been getting on Donnerheart. Even the vets and experienced sport and dressage horse breeders who have come to see him have been astonished with his conformation, personality, and movement so far. Knowing all the of the things which could have gone wrong along the way and knowing that we would have loved any healthy foal from our wonderful mare, we are just that much happier having such a wonderful experience formulating the breeding, working with you to make it happen, and then having the whole family able to enjoy a very special foal - so thank you very much Sharon once again for making all this possible :))

Best Regards,
Wes, Becky, Madison and Freddy