Donnermeyer's Story


We first found Donnermeyer, on a trip to Sweden, looking for a stallion prospect. He was only 3-months-old, but so very impressive! With Katri Wayrynen helping us, we had almost 50 young horses to look at, or choose from, but Donnermeyer happened to be at the first farm we visited. I was in-love with him from the start. Even after looking at a large number of the other colts, at other farms, none could compare to him. Of course, the first thing we noticed was his World Class pedigree, but it was his movement (which looked like he had springs attached to his feet) that really impressed us. His dam was sweet, he was curious, and seemed sweet as well. By the next day, we had a contract on him, and were very excited!



The hardest part, was having to go home without him. We made arrangements for Donnermeyer to stay at his breeder's, Gunnel Sturesson, until he was 6-months-old. During this time, he grew and played with his mom and buddy, and was able to be inspected. I anxiously awaited at home, for the day to come, when I would finally have my "dream come true".


That day finally came, and on October 11, 1998, Donnermeyer was on his way to me. He is seen here, waiting for the transport van, to take him to Amsterdam. There, he stayed in a "pet motel", until his flight was ready. Then he took KLM into New York, where he went into quarantine. He had to stay there 3 days and undergo several required blood tests, which he passed with flying colors. Don and I drove up to New York to pick him up, and arrived several hours early, anxiously awaiting. I was so thrilled to see how beautiful he had grown, and to finally have him. He was so good, and calm, and loaded perfectly. It was a long drive home (straight through), but he did so well. Once we were home, he seemed to settle right in, as if he knew this was his destiny. He instantly took to me, like I was his mother, but in time, we became more like best friends.

The funny thing, surrounding his arrival, is that he seemed not to understand English, at first. I really think he needed about 2 weeks to learn it, but seemed to do fine after that!



Donnermeyer grew and developed over the next 9 months. He quickly learned that he was a stallion, and would try to "visit" with the mares, through the boards of his fence. In fact, he jumped over the 4 1/2 foot fence, twice, just to get to them! We finally had to put up a hot wire to keep him on his side. This is when I said, "I thought I bought a dressage horse, not a jumper"! But after looking further into his pedigree, I discovered that there was almost as much jumping talent, as there was dressage talent.

Although he was young, after consulting with UGA, we decided to use Donnermeyer to tease the mares with, when he was a yearling. He was so calm and gentle, and we only did it one mare at a time, through the fence. He would stick his head through the bottom 2 boards, and try to reach the mares, but couldn't decide if he wanted their hind-end or udders (when they had milk). It was really cute! He actually did a great job as my teaser. I bred all my mares, with 100 % success breeding AI. He would still have to wait another year, to be able to breed a mare.

During his first year, he had an Arabian colt (same age) as his pasture buddy, and they were the best of friends. When Azaz had to return home, Donnermeyer got so depressed, that he would just lay in his pasture. I felt so sorry for him, I would go out and play with him, trying to make up for his lost playmate. It was really cute, especially watching him run with his Eggbutt ball, trying to get me to chase him! He is overflowing with personality!


Above he is 3-years-old. 2001; the year he started showing in-hand.


On June 24, 2001, Daphne, Donnermeyer's first foal was born. We did a "test" breeding, to our Thoroughbred/Appaloosa mare, "Baby". We thought we'd get a jumper, as Baby's movement is short like a Quarter Horse, but Daphne surprised us and turned out about 80% like her sire. She has his floaty, suspended gaits, and his wonderful personality, as well as being very beautiful. She now lives in Florida, where she will do Dressage and Eventing. Seen above as a weanling & yearling.


2002 was the year I started Donnermeyer under saddle, and then turned him over to Scott Armour, his trainer. Scott worked very hard, preparing him for his inspections and Stallion Approvals. I was so proud of Donnermeyer, as he had to learn to jump 3'6", and be able to do First Level movements, all in 6 months.

In the fall of 2002, Donnermeyer was approved with the AWS and RPSI registries. We have chosen to deal only with the AWS, as their breeding principles match our own. So, all foals by Donnermeyer are eligible for full registration into the AWS. Although, because of the exceptional quality of his foals, several have been accepted and registered with other registries, such as HOL (Holsteiner), OLD (Oldenburg), SWANA (Swedish), and BWP (Belgian Warmblood).

In 2003, Donnermeyer had his first foal crop, of 8 foals. We were very pleased with the results, and you could definitely see that he was very prepotent, improving on every mare he bred. We were pleased that the first foal to go to inspection, received the ranking of "Supreme"with a score of 80.6%, which is the highest rank in the AWS (only 4 % of the horses earn this rank).

In 2004, Donnermeyer had his second foal crop, of 10 foals. Again, we were very pleased with the results, as Donnermeyer was proving himself to be a true improvement sire. At our Atlanta area AWS Inspection, you could definitely pick out the Donnermeyer offspring. We had 7 Donnermeyer foals attend, and 5 won the top 5 placing's (even against mature horses), with incredibly high scores (2 receiving the Supreme ranking)!

(click here to see Inspection results)

2004 AWS Inspection, top 3 Medal winners: (from left to right); Gold: Starshine, out of a Westfalian mare; Silver: BF Denali, out of a TB x Appaloosa mare; Bronze: Donnerjay, out of a Quarter Horse mare.


I thank God for making my dreams come true, and for allowing me to share in the life of such a wonderful stallion.