BF Devon

Born Sept. 7, 2004

Donnermeyer x Satina



Above at 2 days old

Above at 5 days old

Above at 1 week old

Above at 2 weeks old

Above at 3 1/2 weeks old

Above at 7 weeks old

Above at almost 2 months old.

Click below to see a short video clip:


"Look hooves!"

"Hi-five, mom!"


Above at 7 months old.

Above as a yearling.

Above as at 20-months-old; standing 13.3 hands.



This little guy took a while to get here...a full 13 months, born during the tail end of Hurricane Frances! Although he was born late, weak and small, he is normal in every way. Just like a premature human baby, he just had a rough start, but is healthy and normal. We're not sure why he is so small, but we feel like it was because he turned out to be his mother's last egg. She was 24 when he was born.

He has so much character and personality, he is going to make someone a wonderful partner. He loves people, and has from day one. He is brave and curious, and loves to play, especially with me. He is very willing, and will stand well for a bath, to be clipped, for medication, shots, and the farrier. He basically will do anything for you, and is just waiting to be started under saddle, and to get to know his new "mom".

He is by our stallion, Donnermeyer, and out of Satina, our Diploma Swedish Warmblood mare, who's scores are higher than what's required for an approved stallion. She is also the 1/2 sister of one of Sweden's top stallions, Sack. You can see more about them by clicking on their names.

Devon is dark bay, but looks like he may even turn black-liver. On his first birthday he stood 12.1 hands, 13.3 at 19 months, and should mature to about 14 - 14.2 hands. He will make a great small woman, or child's show pony. He is 100% European Warmblood, with a pedigree you can't beat, which makes him very unique. Because of this, he would be a very good investment for someone in the Hunter/Jumper discipline.


Congratulations, LeAnn Scherer, of Saxton Farms, in Saugerties, NY!



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