BF Denali

Registered American Warmblood Society Gelding

Born June 21, 2004

Seen above at about 10 hours old.

Seen above at 4 days old.

Seen above at 2 weeks old.

Seen above with pasture mate, Fein China.

Seen above at 1 month old.

Seen above at 2 days before turning 3 months old.

Seen above at 3 months old, at his AWS Inspection.

Denali wins the Silver Medal, with a score of 81% and receiving a Supreme ranking (only 4% of the horses receive this rank)!

Seen above at 4 months old.

Click below to see a short video clip:

Seen above at 23 months old.

Seen above at 4 1/2-years-old, standing 16.3 hands tall.

We finally got Denali going under saddle, and he is doing great. He is very willing, learns fast, and has nice large gaits. I normally like to get my foals started at around 3 1/2-years-old, but unfortunately Denali had to wait until the end of 2008. Between a busy breeding season, and the loss of Denali's full brother, Pony Boy, Denali's first ride just kept getting pushed back. I introduced the saddle in May of 2007, and worked him in the round pen periodically, until November of 2008. That's when my good friend, Matt Boyd, offered to help me. He's done a great job, and Denali really loves him. In 2009 I crushed my ankle and was not able to ride for almost a year, so I sent Denali off to a trainer who rode him everyday for 4 months. Denali kept in shape and was ready for me once I was able to ride again.

Denali and I on our first trail ride together. He did great! We're with my cousin, who is riding Denali's mom, Baby, who is 22-years-old.

Above are some more mature pics of Denali, taken May 1, 2011. He's a little on the fat side, enjoying the good spring grass!

Click below to see a video clip of Denali. This was shot Aug. 9th, after living outside 24/7, so he is pretty faded from the hot Georgia sun (especially since we're in the middle of a drought). You will see him in the round pen, going over some small jumps, and moving free in the paddock. Some of the video is a little shaky, since I was trying to film and use the lunge whip, all at the same time. It will at least give you an idea as to how he moves free and interacts with me while in the round pen.

Click below to see a video clip of Denali going under saddle. Video #1 is Denali on the flat, and video #2 is of him over jumps. He spent 30 days with his sire's trainer, Scott Armour, who mostly worked on him going on the bit, collection work, and learning to go over fences with a rider. Scott was so impressed with Denali, and said he wished he had a barn full of horses like him, and if he had the money, he'd buy him in a heart beat. He thought he was very easy to train; very sweet and willing, and is full of talent, for either dressage or jumping.

"Denali's kind, willing disposition, combined with his natural balance and athletic ability, make him an excellent choice for both amateurs and professionals. He is a gentleman and a pleasure to work around." Quote by Scott Armour, trainer

(both of the above videos are on YouTube)

Click below to see a video clip of Denali. This was shot Nov. 13, 2011, when a friend (who is an amateur rider) came out to ride him. It is the video where the still pics above came from. It is very short & in slow motion, but will give you a better idea of his movement.



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Fern Dancer
Easy Away
Easy We Go
And Away We Go



Denali is out of our mare, Pam's Easy Cupcake, aka "Baby", who is a registered Appaloosa mare, bred to be a race horse. She is an incredibly talented sport horse, with a pedigree filled with top Thoroughbred names, including Man-O-War, only 5 generations back. Originally we decided to keep Denali, since Baby was 17 when she had him, and we weren't sure if we'd get another foal from her. She's been my main riding horse, since she was 2 1/2-years-old, and the most comfortable horse I've ever ridden. So, it was only natural to want a foal that was from my 2 favorite horses; Baby and Donnermeyer.

Denali is one of the best horses I've ever had; he has been that "complete package" that most people look for. He has a dog-like personality, a willing/easy-going temperament, and he's big, beautiful and very talented. I've had so much fun with him, raising him, and then riding him. He is just overflowing with personality! Unfortunately, as I've gotten older, and with things changing in my life, I've made the hardest decision I've ever had to make; to sell Denali. I never thought I'd do it, but it is the best decision for both of us. I'm at an age that I am wanting to slow down, and that means that I really only want to trail ride. The bottom line is that at 16.3 Denali is just too tall for me to do this. You just cannot know how sad this makes me. But, I want what is best for him, and honestly, he is being wasted as a trail horse. He has too much talent, and would make someone a wonderful Dressage horse, Jumper, or Eventer.

Denali has what most competitors are looking for: He's tall (16.3), has big bones and clean joints, he's beautiful, has great movement, is a powerful mover, is smart & willing and has a World Class pedigree. He has the movement for Dressage, as well as the trainability, and he certainly has the genetics. He is also very talented for jumping, and as my vet says, "he could jump the moon". If you look at his grandsire, DeNiro's page, you will see that he is built just like him, and I believe he will be just as successful with the right person. I think Denali will do well in any discipline, as he is a "people" horse, and really just wants to please and be with the person he loves. Right now that's me, but I think he would easily bond with another. If you think you are the right person for Denali, or he may be the right show horse for you, please contact me.



Congratulations, Bridget Martell, from CT!

Bridget & Denali, the day they first met, Sept. 19, 2012


Oct. 16, 2012

Denali and Bridget, the morning after his 18 hour trip to his new home at Rivendell Farm, in Durham, CT.

Denali being ridden in February 2013 by his new owner, Bridget.

Denali being ridden in May 2013 by his new owner, Bridget, and then at his first show with his trainer, Jennifer Sisk-Thompson. Bridget says she loves him more everyday. Congrats to all on this great match and successful show.

Denali during a training session with his trainer, Jennifer. Both Jennifer and Bridget say he loves to jump and is so smart and willing, he is so much fun to ride. We're so happy to hear how well he is doing.

Denali winning Top 10 CHSA and CHJA in the state of CT, in Adult AmateurEquitation...and in his first year showing Hunter/Jumper!

Top Left: Denali wins Grand Champion 2'6" Equitation, 2nd CHSA Medal and 3rd CHJA Medal at his first show of the 2015 season!

Top Right & Bottom: Denali wins 4th & 6th at his first "A" Show and wins CHSA Medals!

Congratulations, Bridget & Denali!

Denali & Bridget; practicing at 3'

(Click on pic to see video)


Denali is a very talented and athletic horse. He'd be a great partner for an amateur or Junior rider with Intermediate experience in the Equitation or Jumper ring. He'd also make an excellent Eventer or Dressage horse, with his beautiful movement and great mind. He has demonstrated boldness and form up to 3'6" fences. He has had 3 competitive years showing in the Modified Adult Eq. Division, and this year in the Children's Equitation 2'6". He qualified for CHSA Finals in 2014, 2015 and CHJA in 2016, and was the High point CHSA Champion in 2015. Denali has superb ground manners, easy lead changes and is the barn favorite. Contact for more details. Offering for sale to an approved home only.

For Sale

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