Deja Vu

Donnermeyer x Winsome

Bay Swedish Warmblood Filly

Born April 13, 2017


Deja Vu seen above from birth to 1-week-old

Deja Vu seen above from 1 1/2-weeks-old to 3 1/2-months-old

Deja Vu seen above at 1 1/2-years-old

Deja Vu seen above at 2-years-old


Deja Vu was born April 13, 2017, to our homebred mare, Winsome, and by our stallion, Donnermeyer. She is a beautiful bay filly with lots of muscling, solid bone and an elegant presence. From the beginning, she has reminded me of her uncle, Akkurat, who is by a stallion that's not bred nearly as well as Donnermeyer. Deja Vu received her name, because of this. Like her full brothers and sister, not to mention, her mother and father, she has excellent feet. They are big, black, solid and strong!

Deja Vu is intelligent and willing to learn. She has a puppy dog personaity and loves people. She is sweet to other horses, but will correct those in the herd that arent behaving. She is not mean, but very confident, and a natural leader. Her mother, Winsome, is the same and is also a very good mother. Deja Vu has no bad habits. She doesnt kick or bite and I can feed her treats with my fingers. She is respectful, and even though I feed her treats, she doesn't hound you for them. She will follow me around and beg to do her "tricks" for me, partly for the reward, but also because she loves the interaction. Some of the things she's learned are: backing, when asked at liberty, and until I stop asking; side passing, both directions, when asked at liberty; follows hand directions, at liberty, stopping & starting with me, circling and changing sides, turning, then backing, then side passing- all of this by hand motions, body language and voice, and none of it by touching her or using a halter. It's basically a dance and a game, that she enjoys playing with me daily.

Deja Vu is truly a dream horse! She is beautiful, sweet, fun to work with, learns quickly and wants to be with you. She is showing some lofty movement and she is athletic, so she would most likely do well in either Dressage or Jumping, like most of her siblings. Because of her quiet nature and level head, I do think she would also excel in the Hunter ring. She is not going to be as tall as we first thought, unless she has a growth spurt over the next year or two. She is currently 15.3, at a month away from her third birthday. We originally thought she'd be 16.3, like most of her brother's, but now believe she will finish at 16 to 16.1 hands.

Deja Vu will be started under saddle late summer, or early fall, 2020. Price will increase with training.


Deja Vu is proudly offered for sale