BF Danke

Donnermeyer x Winsome

Black registered Swedish Warmblood Filly

Born April 4, 2016


Danke at 30 min. & 1 1/2 hours


Danke at 12-hours-old


Danke at 2-days-old



Danke at 2-weeks-old


Danke at 3-weeks-old


Danke at 4-weeks-old

Danke at 4-months-old. She still has her foal coat, which is very faded from the hot Georgia sun.

Danke at 5 1/2-months-old. These pics were just snapped with my iPhone one day, while Danke was playing. They're not the best quality, but they show her athleticism and conformation.

Danke at 7-months-old. I realized I hadn't taken any pics lately, so walked out and snapped a few at feeding time. They're not the best quality, but you can at least see how she is maturing. She's still on target to hit at least 16.3 hands.



BF Danke is a special filly. Her name is German for "thank you"; thank you Lord for a healthy, beautiful filly. She was born a week early, but came out strong and large. She stood in less than 15 minutes, nursed, then started doing laps around her mother. She has solid bone and large, clean joints. At 8-hours-old, the vet said she looked like a week old foal, and was impressed with her large joints and wide, muscular back. At a month old, she looks more like 2-3 months, and is standing 11.3 hands already.

Danke is intelligent and very sweet. She comes running over when she sees me and knickers to me from the pasture. She loves attention and scratches. She learned to lead and move her front and hind quarters quickly. She stands to have her feet picked up, and has since she was just 2-days-old. She is very athletic, and so far, has only shown us 2 speeds; really slow and really fast.

At 3-months-old, Danke stands 13 hands at her withers and 13.1 at her croup. She is very solidly built and tall for her age. It appears she's received the genetics from her grandsire, Walldorf, who stood 17 hands and had a solid build and large bones. We predict she will mature to at least 17 hands, and possibly taller. It is a good thing she is sush an easy going filly! She has never offered to bite or kick, no matter what I do with her. She is probably the easiest foal I've raised. She is smart and willing to please. I predict she will do well in whatever discipline she tries, just like her sire and both grandsires, Walldorf and De Niro, who were very talented jumpers and dressage horses. She will end up black when she sheds her foal coat, which is faded from the sun.

At 7-months-old, Danke stands 13.3 hands. She is using most of her growth energy for filling out, as she is really built solidly, with a wide chest and large bone & joints. She is sweet and easy to work with.

At 9-months-old, Danke stands 14.2 hands.



Congratulations, Johanna Nesbitt, from the U.K.!

Johanna is Swedish, just like Danke, and is moving to the U.S. from the U.K. Danke will remain at our farm until she can move here in the spring. We're excited to see where Johanna takes Danke.


Last updated 2/14/17