Dark bay filly

born May 15, 2011

Out of Iron Maiden



Above, Danika at 4-days-old. She's quite the character & very curious.


Above, Danika at 6-days-old. She's quite the character. Today, she discovered she had a tongue!

Above, Danika at 11-days-old.

Above, Danika at 3 1/2-weeks-old.

Above, Danika at 3 months-old.

Above you will see a link to a video of Danika, shot at 3-months-old, the same day as the photos were taken. Both Danika & her mother are very faded, as they live outside 24/7, in the Georgia sun. The link will take you to YouTube, where you can also see additional video of her.


Above, Danika at 10-months-old.

Above, Danika at 1-year-old.


Below you will find links to additional videos of Danika; at 9 hours old and at 6-days-old.



Danika is a registered Swedish Warmblood filly, by our stallion, Donnermeyer, a DeNiro son and a Donnerhall & Weltmeyer grandson. She is out of our best Swedish mare, Iron Maiden, who has produced several winning offspring, including Akkurat; Top Ten at Devon and Reserve Champion 2-Year-Old Colt in USDF Year End Awards. She is right on target to reach 16.3 hands, like her full sister, Without Question, born in 2005 (she also has a full brother, Ducati, born in 2003; Eventing in California). She was very large at birth, at over 10 hands, and showed a lot of strength and stamina right away. She showed good coordination and balance, standing on her first attempt, and when mom knocked her down, she got right back up. We were amazed at how long she stood the night she was born. She is very sweet and very beautiful. She has a lot of bone and very long legs. She will either be a very dark bay or black-bay. She has very nice, up-hill movement, and has already shown talent for jumping. Danika will succeed at any discipline, with her great mind, World Class pedigree and strength. She's had several baths and loves the water. She will stand for the farrier, leads, ties, and is good for shots and wormer. She loves people and is the smartest and most athletic foal I've ever produced. She reminds me a lot of her brothers, Akkurat and Denali, so you might want to check them out to see what you'd probably have in the future.


Congratulations, Bridget Martell of Durham, CT!

Now the proud owner of both Denali and Danika; brother & sister.

Danika and Denali at Rivendell Farm, and then on their way to a show together.

Danika was originally purchased by Denali's trainer, Jennifer Sisk-Thompson, who met her when she visited our farm with Bridget Martell, who purchased Denali. She fell in love with Dani, then after a month of working with Denali, she had to have her, and purchased her in November 2012. Since she arrived in CT, she shared a paddock with Denali, so Bridget got to interact with her a lot...yes, she fell in love with Dani as well, and was able to talk Jennifer out of her. It's a win-win situation for all of them, since Jennifer will still get to ride and train Dani. We are thrilled, since brother and sister get to stay together.

Nov. 11, 2014: Danika and trainer, Jennifer Thompson, at Rivendell Farm, just 5 months under saddle.

Click the link below to see video from the pics above.


Jan. 20, 2015 : Danika and trainer, Jennifer Thompson, at Rivendell Farm, 7 months under saddle.

Click the link below to see video from the pics above.

Click the pic aboveto see video from the inspection.

Danika has done very well in her training. She was easy to start and Jennifer says she is very smart and willing. She was presented to SWANA, for Inspection, Sept. 2014, where she received excellent comments and scores. We are very proud of the progress Danika has made at her new home. Another wonderful Donnermeyer baby!


Danika is offered for sale



Updated Jan. 21, 2015