Blue Eyed Bandit


2014 Spotted Saddle Horse Gelding

Blu is our 2014 bay & white registered Spotted Saddle Horse. He is a big boy, standing 17 hands. He is a "gentle giant"; really a big dog, with a playful personality, who loves attention and people. He is very intelligent and has a willing personality. He will load, bathe, is good for the farrier, vet and shots or worming. He will also stand tied quietly for hours.

Blu is a pleasure to ride on the trails. He has smooth gaits, very good brakes and backs up easily. He was started under saddle the beginning of 2018, by an excellent Natural Horseman trainer. Although he is so big, he is low man on the totem pole. He is sweet and actually allows the other horses to push him around.

It is rare to find a Spotted Saddle Horse this tall. Especially one that has such balanced conformation. This makes him the perfect horse for taller men, especially since he has good sized solid bones, as well. He also has the rare "cat tracks" markings. Blu is definitely one of a kind!


Congradulations, Kent Shelton of Michagan